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Eleanor Care Transport Receive New PTS Vehicles

Eleanor Care Transport Receive New PTS Vehicles

Eleanor Care PTS Vehicle Line up

We were very pleased to deliver 3 Peugeot Boxers PTS vehicles to Eleanor Care in London today. This will be the ninth we've converted for them so far this year. These vehicles largely utilise the standard O&H PTS layout, with 3 rear seats, space to accommodate one wheelchair and a stretcher position.

The stretcher has additional flexibility as it comes with removable locks that can be placed in more than one position to accommodate the users on any given day. The Feal ramps provide a non-slip surface to allow stretchers and wheelchairs to enter the patient transport vehicle safely. The interior is completed in Ambla Munro Hope with yellow accents, including grab poles. The vehicle itself provides the user with helpful features such as Sat Nav, reversing cameras, Bluetooth and extensive overhead lockers for storage. The rotating king rip protects patients by moving to allow wheelchairs to slide past safely. To ensure users are comfortable in the Winter months the vehicles are also equiped with Eberspacher heaters. What's more, all these features weigh in under 3.5 tonne enabling the PTS vehicles to be driven on a standard driving licence.

Oughtred and Harrison Sales Manager, David Kenyon told us, "We worked closely with Eleanor Care to ensure the vehicles were equipped with everything their users need and we are delighted that these vehicles have now been delivered and can begin to assist patients."

David Mason, Operations and Business Development Director at Eleanor Care Transport told us, "We're all extremely pleased at how well the specification has been met, the whole vehicle is tremendous from the layouts to the external livery on the side. These are our seventh, eighth and ninth vehicles from O&H this year and we wouldn't hesitate to work together again in the future."

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