Whilst working with our Homologation and Engineering department, our Sales team will assist you in choosing the most appropriate technical approval route for your vehicle. When we produce our vehicles we generally offer 3 main safety testing options; we can produce them to IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval), NSSTA (National Small Series Type Approval,  or ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval.)

IVA Vehicle Testing

We work closely with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (VOSA/ DVSA). This ensures that our UK builds are complaint with all the relevant legislation and regulations which make up the IVA standards. The IVA builds are then produced and we work with the test station to provide homologation, compliance evidence and technical support to assist them where required. During the VOSA test, the vehicles have the general construction (over and above the manufacturer’s production) visually checked and then tested. This involves, checking all parts conform to the standards required – for example the Polycarb screens, the rear view mirrors, the air conditioning, the seats and tracking and brakes, weight etc.

NSS Type Approval Route

The NSSTA allows limited numbers of vehicles to be registered in the UK only. Although most of the testing is to the same rigorous standard as ECWVTA the specification can be tailored to suit UK operations. In the same way as our ECWV Type Approved Vehicles we can then produce vehicles to the same specifications and issue our own “Certificates Of Conformity” after auditing for “Conformity Of Production”.

ECWVTA Vehicle Testing

The ECWVTA production is completed by having our vehicle rigorously tested. This includes the pull and HyGe testing, EMC tests on our bespoke electrical systems and ensuring that all the other parts we add comply with the required standards throughout Europe. We can then produce vehicles to the same specifications and issue our own “Certificates Of Conformity” after auditing for “Conformity Of Production”.

Certificate of European Normality

The CEN standard, or BS EN 1789:2000 - Medical Vehicles and their Equipment - Road Ambulances. When it comes to BS EN 1789:2000 , we comply as requested and ensure, where relevant, that our additions to the vehicle uphold the standards.

OEM Approval & European

Use All our conversions are done under approval from the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and we are periodically audited to ensure we are working to uphold their industry standards. We work with our customers and the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) to provide vehicles which can be utilised throughout Europe and which conform to the high standards required for certification. This enables us to build vehicles which, through our carefully homologated conformity of production, can be registered throughout Europe. Above all else, we can work with our customers to ensure to we provide the best options for their requirements.

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